Alone, Together

Alone, Together is a collection of songs and responsive soundscapes written for vocal and harp chamber group Levedy Ensemble.

The song cycle explores themes of loss, apathy, and hope during the pandemic, and uses words from seven multi-generational female poets chosen by Levedy to tell its story. Reading these poems showed me how timeless a feeling loneliness is, and in each piece I explored a stage of grief, looking at how the poems responded to solitude – categorising them from despising, to enjoying and accepting the feeling. It highlighted how it is all too easy to struggle with solitude in this harsh world that we are only just, two years on from when the pandemic first begun, rebuilding.

The London premier took place at St Pancras Old Church on April 9th 2022.

Levedy Ensemble consists of Laudine Dard (Harp), Madeleine Todd (Soprano), Olivia Bell (Soprano), Helen Daniels (Alto) and Rhian Davies (Alto).

Concert Highlights
Levedy Ensemble

2022 / c.30' / ssaa, hp